Steven Onoja of Ostentation and Style.

Always immaculately dressed with a distinct dapper-ness and stylish sartorial flair, Nigerian-American menswear blogger Steven Onoja is undoubtedly one of the leading faces in the world of personal style and online men’s fashion blogs.

Whether suited up or styled down, Steven may appear to embrace a more conventional and classic look but he always manages to go beyond the confines of traditional upscale men’s fashion by adding personal touches that make his style both unique and distinct. What we love best is that each ‘shoot he undertakes tells a story that brings the dynamics of his aesthetics to life.

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(via okmalume)



It all began with a simple high,
When I saw how beautiful your soul smiled
Ha(laughs)…shit I love the way you lied.

Intrigued by how you made me feel
I dived deep into your “REAL”.
And real is how it all felt,
How sudden you made my frozen/unloving heart melt.

I gazed into your devouring eyes & saw my everything,
My joy, my peace, my hope and alla that shit.
In music our souls connected, danced and got lost in eachother,
How could we ever find this REAL with another lover??
But I was blinded by your slick cover
And broken I was when u entertained another.

You returned with your sweet refrain,
Told me you human and it won’t happen again.
So I let love LIVE,
As I got lost deeper in your real.
Shit I love the way you lied.
You said “take my hand and run”,
I took it and lit a blint (you had fun)

We continued on our simple high,
Flaws exposed and turned into art.
You enveloped my heart,
Little did I know that you’d tear it apart,
Shid I love the way you lied
To be continued……..